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Secure Your Essentials: Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag with USB Interface & Safety Lock


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That's why the USB Password Anti-Theft Slim Bag is so popular. It offers the peace of mind you need to enjoy every moment without worrying about the safety of your belongings or running out of phone battery.

Why is the WATERPROOF ANTI-THEFT BAG so innovative and practical for everyday use?

Anti-Theft Lock

The Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag features a password-protected anti-theft lock that ensures the security of your belongings, allowing only you to access the internal compartments. It's easy to use and allows you to change the password whenever needed. With the Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag, you have the peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe.


The Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag is water-resistant, ensuring the protection of your belongings in rainy or humid conditions. The durable material keeps your personal items dry and secure. With the USB Password Anti-Theft Slim Bag, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected.

Drop-Proof (Prevents Scratches and Wear)

The Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag is designed with drop-resistant and scratch-resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and integrity. With its anti-scratch fabric, it minimizes the impact of drops and prevents unwanted marks. The bag is tough and durable, keeping your belongings protected.

USB Charging Port

The Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag features a USB Interface for electronic devices, offering practicality and convenience. You can charge your phone or tablet directly from the bag without needing to carry extra chargers. It is the ideal option for anyone who needs to keep their electronic devices charged while on the go.

Note: Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag does not come with a power source and requires the preparation of a power bank.

Spacious with Secret Compartments for Cards and Phone

The Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag is spacious and features multiple internal compartments, including a secret compartment for cards and money. The exclusive card compartment provides extra security for personal information. This bag allows you to carry everything you need in an organized and secure manner.

Envy-Inducing Design

The design of the Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag is modern and functional, combining practicality and elegance. With a slim and discreet profile, it is easy to carry and fits perfectly in various settings.


Easy Password Reset

  1. The original password is 000.
  2. After unlocking, keep the paddle in the unlocked state.
  3. Rotate the gear to set your new password.
  4. Release the paddle, and your new password is set.

Product Overview

  • Waterproof: Durable material protects belongings from rain and humidity.
  • Anti-Theft Lock: Password-protected lock ensures the security of your items.
  • USB Charging Port: Conveniently charge electronic devices on the go.
  • Drop-Proof and Scratch-Resistant: Designed to minimize impact and prevent unwanted marks.
  • Spacious with Secret Compartments: Multiple internal compartments, including a secret compartment for cards and money.
  • Envy-Inducing Design: Modern, functional design suitable for various occasions.


  1. What materials is the Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag made of?
    The bag is made of high-quality, waterproof Oxford cloth, which is durable and wear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use.
  2. How does the anti-theft lock work?
    The bag features a password-protected lock. The default password is 000, and it can be easily changed by following the instructions provided.
  3. Is the bag waterproof?
    Yes, the bag is made of water-resistant material, ensuring that your belongings stay dry in rainy or humid conditions.
  4. How many compartments does the bag have?
    The bag has multiple internal compartments, including a secret compartment for cards and money, allowing for organized and secure storage.
  5. Is the bag suitable for both men and women?
    Yes, the Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag has a unisex design, making it suitable for both men and women.
  6. Is the bag comfortable to wear for long periods?
    Yes, the bag features a breathable back mesh design that enhances comfort by improving breathability and heat dissipation.

Buyer Protection

We firmly believe in the quality and value of our products, which is why we proudly offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Rest assured, any returns will be processed in accordance with our refund and return policies.

Upgrade your everyday carry with this multifunctional, secure, and stylish bag. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and fashion — get yours today!



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